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Broadband / Fiber-to-the-Home Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my broadband subscription?


Access to Web Mail, EdgeWave spam filter, up to 15 email addresses, plus 7X24 technical support based in the USA.



Is Ponderosa Edge available in my area?


Please click on this link for a map of the service area. If you are unsure whether your location is served by Ponderosa Edge please call our Customer Care Center at 559.822.3343 to find out if your location qualifies.



What are the benefits of fiber-to-the-home?


The most obvious benefit is the increase in speeds which will enhance your Internet experience. The connection is always on so there is no login time if your computer is on you are connected to the Internet and email. An all fiber network ensures your experience is the best it can be, especially if you have multiple users or devices such as game consoles or smart phones that access the Internet at the same time.


What will I need to use Ponderosa Edge high-speed Internet service?

■  Hardware: PC, Internet Gateway, USB port, NIC card  or wireless card


■  Software: Windows 95 or better operating system 



What does the installation on the outside of my home look like?


See this document for a typical example.


What is the best location inside my home for my Internet Gateway?


See this document for inside placement considerations.


What should I do if I experience wireless signal problems?


See this document for typical issues and troubleshooting tips.



Which local Internet providers offer fiber-to-the-home Internet access in my area?


Ponderosa Edge is the only fiber-to-the-home provider in this area today. 



If I wish to change to a different bandwidth rate is there a charge?


There is no administration charge to change your bandwidth from one Edge service to another; the monthly service  charge will be adjusted to the new service.


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